Moonlake’s Lyrics (13)

I haven’t posted one in ages and since I’m feeling too slack today (or rather let’s say I spent a long time on Hangout today), I’m doing today’s post on another set of song lyrics. This one is fairly deep. I can’t say that I’ve experienced all of the things talked about in the song but I’ve certainly saw enough of them in books and on TV to be moved by the lyrics. The title of the song is called “Exist”.

The lyrics is as follows:

How many people are walking but in effect trapped where they are?
How many people are living but it is as if they have died?
How many people are in love but it is as if they are in separation?
How many people are smiling but (their eyes are) full of tears?

*Who knows to where we should go to?
Who understand what life has become?
Do I find an excuse to continue to merely live?
Or fly high and keep my anger?
How should I exist?

How many times you are receiving prestige but feel humiliation?
How many times you are crazy with joy but then feel twice the pain?
How many times happiness comes but your heart is broken?
How many times brilliance comes with you seeming like you lost your soul?

# Who knows to where our dreams belong?
Who understand what dignity has been degraded to?
Do I find a reason to be carried along by the tide?
Or go forth bravely and break away from the cage?
How should I exist?

Repeat *(but skip last line)

Repeat #

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