Moonlake’s Work pile (1)

Today I’m a little short of time what with doing freelancing work and other errands. Also, I’m recently a little slack in writing ever since my novel stalled although I’ve started to work on a few short writing projects again. Anyway, I know from personal experience that having my writing commitment public somehow gives me great motivation to finish things. So this is basically what today’s post will be about: showcasing a list of my current (and long overdue) writing projects aka my work pile.


The current project I’m actually on is the write-up of a legendary set of 2 swords. This weapon actually exists in Chinese history i.e. it is the weapon of a famous historical person, but I’m adding fantasy components to it. I’m still borrowing heavily from Chinese history and folklore though so I guess you would call it more of a creative adaptation exercise. I should also mention that I’m writing it as a submission at my writer home- the Strolen’s Citadel. It goes towards my attempt to earn a new badge for having completed 10 quests at the Citadel. For those not familiar with the Citadel, quests are writing challenges with a deadline of about 1-2 months (basically just a bit of fun that we have at the Citadel and also effort to entice new submissions by members). Anyway, I’ve currently done 6 and this submission I’m working on now will be the 7th. It is for the quest called “What makes weapons magic” and the weapon I’m writing is magic basically because it is so legendary a weapon in my fantasy world that people who come across it would think it’s magical and it is really the psychological effect that gives it its ‘special powers’. There are still details that I need to fill in here and there but that’s the gist of it. I’ve also planned the other three quests that I might do which include: 1: the Fire quest, for which I would write a short treatise on the topic of nether flame aka ghost fire (what they are, how many types there are etc.); 2. the Villain quest, for which I would be cheating slightly and re-using one of the villains in my ‘stalled’ novel; 3. The Sounds of War quest (all war related things), for which I would be writing a sort of diary entry or mental dialogue (like in the Live and Let Live post) of a semi-deity who was involved in the Divinity War, essentially a war between established deities and an alliance of semi-deities and possibly newer deities (or the other faction amongst deities).


There are more on my work pile but I’m running out of time today. So bye for now.

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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