Moonlake’s Work pile (2)

Continuing from where I left off last time, I will be recounting more of the projects on my work pile. They are not listed in any particular order but I will separate them into two groups, one related to my writer home (the Strolen’s Citadel) and the other for novels. In this post, I’m just going through my Citadel projects. They include:

  1. The Kaiju (a massive creature ala Godzilla style) quest: I had previously written up a myth adapted from Chinese folklore/literature that is titled the Dragon and its Nine Off-springs where each of the Nine Off-springs are Kaijus in their own rights. So I had 2 ideas springing from this sub that could fall under the Kaiju theme. One is about the tallest set of mountain ranges created from their spines after a fight between two of these Dragon Off-springs that result in both dying. The second idea related to one of the Offsprings that is a water-dwelling creature. I had some vague that the milk from this creature would be feeding its children (various water life-forms at the body of water) and a group of nomadic people living near it.
  2. 20000 under the sea quest: Same inspiration as above but thought I would be writing about another of the water-dwelling Off-spring and the sunken city associated with it. To be honest, I’m a bit muddle between this particular project and the second idea for the other quest. But then again, I do have 2 water-dwelling creatures for the Nine Off-springs.
  3. Legendary People quest: I had a legendary figure for my stalled novel that I was keen to develop (just to round out the underlying world if for nothing else) but well, the novel itself is stalled so…. But anyway, I’ll talk about my novel in greater details below, which I realised I haven’t actually done up to now.
  4. Fallen Empires quest: Got the idea that it would be written from the perspective of someone who experienced the Sundering of Zia (which is the name of the world for my novel, as well as the only continent on this particular world) except that I don’t really know what this narrator would be writing about (maybe the history of the Dragon Empire, which is really just I named the equivalent of ancient China in my world). So, as you can see, a very vague idea for a submission really since I don’t even know what I would really be writing about here.
  5. Let there be Light quest: A sword called the Shadow Bearer, inspiration from a mythical Chinese sword whose blade is invisible (I thought I will say this ability is cos it interacts with light in a certain way or something like that)
  6. Oceanic quest: the Oceanic equivalent of the Silk Road?
  7. Organic NPCs quest: There’s an article that a Strolenati had written about how to build up a character from layers of impressions and knowledge about the character (much like how one gets to know a complete stranger) and this quest is basically about using the way described in this article to write up a character. I have a few characters lined up from various novels I might write about one day (yes, I always have large numbers of projects on my work pile, all of which I thought I was going to do eventually. In reality, of course, I do all kinds of whims). Anyway, characters is forever my weak point so we’ll see how things go.
  8. Shards of the Storm quest: based on a submission written by a particular Strolenati about this sword that is the weapon of a diety but got broken up into various shards. The Challenge here is to write about an item made from the fusion of such a shard with other ordinary materials that is not a weapon. My current idea is a vase that contains such a shard and can predict the onset of storms. This idea seems pretty bland to me but well, that’s all I have now.
  9. The Spouse Challenge: I owe 2 entries for it. This is basically a challenge to use the spouse generator we have up on the Citadel (we have a list of random generators for use in roleplaying and other uses you want to put them to) that generates characteristics for the spouses of characters including detailed looks, wealth, fertility and detailed social relationships (up to 6 contacts that he/she could be friendly/hostile to and the reasons for why)
  10. The 5-in-1 for the Strolenati Guild Quest: So Guilds is again just a bit of fun we have whereby we can apply for membership at various Guilds and the application process involves writing up specific numbers of submissions on specific themes and passing a specific threshold for the scores given to these submissions (yes, at the Citadel, your submissions get scored by others but really it’s just sort of a feedback mechanism on how well liked the sub is to others. While some might get upset over it periodically, in general I find it an integral part of the Citadel and I like it just as it is). Anyway, the 5-in-1 is really just a writing challenge where you have to take 5 submissions, neither of them your own, and somehow use them all to create a new submission of your own.
  11. Region building- again just something you can participate for extra fun. Regions are what you can claim once we have built up 15 or more submissions around a central theme of your choosing. I definitely plan to create a region for the world of Zia. I also have another high magic fantasy world cooked up (I just love world building) but it’s a bit neglected. I’m thinking of writing 2 more submissions about the broad sketch of its magic system and history and then releasing it as a map challenge (we have two going on now, whereby someone provides a map and other Strolenatis can claim regions on it to take as their own and write up).

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