Moonlake’s Lyrics (22)

Today I want to share the lyrics of a song sung by one of my favourite HK actors who is also a singer. The title of the song is called “Have never possessed” and I like it because it feels like a reflection on life by a protagonist to me and I really like the ending.

Here it is:

Have never possessed                  Never ceasing to struggle in this life

Do you know that I                          forever lacks freedom?

Have never possessed                  And emptiness is never ending

Taking over everything


Have never possessed                  There happens to be an abyss between me and happiness

How to take issue with                  witnessing the passing one’s most loved?

Have never possessed                  I am only suited to a life time of sadness

Which will overshadow the few wisps of love I have


*Who makes reality constantly push me every second?

Who makes you strive hard without rest?

Tears dripping onto my heart

And yet smiling whilst struggling to contain my sadness

For the purpose of survival humans have to have courage to fight to the utmost

To accommodate such a poignantly sad tempo

So that when recounting the past in the future

There is no need to regret the past


Have never possessed                  One never ceases to lose and owe debts in this life

How does one                                   erase every bit of hatred and sadness?

Have never possessed                  A life time of happiness and laughs have ended

I turn and walk away                      Not regretting the past

P.S. I’ve neglected this blog again for two weeks because I’m trapped in yet another round of revision for my short story Thread. So today is another ‘big giveaway day’ when I’m going to post up two posts in compensation.

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