Moonlake’s Lyrics (17)

This is another set of lyrics that chimes with my personal life philosophy: there’s no need for fame, I just want to walk my own path. The title of the song is ‘Nameless foot solider’ and it’s actually the theme song of a 1989 HK TV series that I really like- I’ve actually watched it three times. Anyway, here goes:

Haven’t taken ungrounded reputations to heart,  I’ve already cast them to the clouds.
Lodging within muds and dusts, I can still reach a state of ecstasy.
Like a mere foot solider  but I am broad-minded
Not mindful of fame and wealth, no need to be too keyed up

Yet I’ve been passionately honest for the whole of my life
Won’t permit darkness to ferment
Having made it through a hundreds battle and blizzards

Lacking a little bit of power in appearance, yet the courage in my heart shines through
Even though my prestige isn’t high enough, I’m only half capable at kung-fu
I’ve made it a goal to fight against wrongness

Getting rid of road blocks with ease
I step back into obscurity amidst laughter, not seeking to be looked up upon and worshipped
Stepping on my unrestrained path
Shaking off the mould of courage of the secular world

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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