Moonlake’ Lyrics (18)

Today is the last day of my ‘chilling out’ from the epub venture so I lost myself in chat for the most of today. So here’s another set of lyrics. It is a song sung together by a male and a female. The title of the song is called “Effective medicine that tastes bitter”. Consistent with the song title, there are many metaphorical references to Chinese medicine terminologies and it basically tells the story of a couple that didn’t make it.


Here goes:

(F) No lights        still people around          it is considered good luck if we hugged before

Even if we are patients we’ve hung on for so long that the tea have become bitter and then the bitter tea have turned back into sweetness in aftertaste


(M) So glad         a fortunate one                                learnt to be content with one’s lot after losing love

The attraction you left behind in the past have all risen above themselves and become the key ingredient of a medicine


*(F) Never mind that your kiss yesterday                             have made scars out of me

Happiness become cruelty                                          it still left a lasting impact on me

(M) Having shared the flaw of falling in love        don’t wait for pity anymore

(F&M) That pain in the past is like the Ten Commandments         prompting you and me to strive for rebirth


#(M) After driving a bitter concoction a sweet candy will be given to me                (F) the cure for the past works

(M) To dry away tears                    (F) Even if what had once been possessed is lost

(F&M) No matter how trying it is in the end it will end up plain as water

(M) When you and me have got to a certain age                              (F) we get tired of whatever we loved best

(F&M) Yesterday             no matter how perfect it will be snowfall eventually turning into water

(F) The tears shed will recede with the tides one day      (M) will be a fit match for happiness one day

(F&M) Looking back on the beautiful snowfall it will still stay within your heart


(F) If still remember        the past love      breaking up shouldn’t be considered bad luck yet

If loves hang on till the heart have suffered then the love will be deeper

(M) In this world              thousands of people      love can be passed over as gifts of course

The imprint of your hand left on the cheek to let another kiss


Repeat *##

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