Triumph of the Short Stories (2)

Okay, I promised a made-up post for forgetting my weekly post a while back. Here it is while I have some news to share.


I have completed a second short story, this time a sole effort, for the epub venture. Okay, technically, it’s only half the completed story but I’m running it as a two-part series so it’s completion by that definition. It is a fantasy story based on an ancient Chinese setting that I’ve always wanted to write a series on one day. I’m quite happy with it at the moment even though I haven’t yet received any feedback on it. But I personally think that I’ve captured the vibe quite well (of course, I’m Chinese myself) and I think I’ve finally fully taste why a lot of writing advices say “write what you know”. Everything just comes so naturally on the page even for scenes that I have difficulty envisioning at first. Without counting the time to plan (which only took one day really), I wrote up part 1 (just under 3000 words) within a week which is quite fast for me with my tendency to dawdle over wording if I’m feeling uninspired.


Anyway, so now we have 5 stories and my recently finished story that’s going to published in a serial format, which is ‘one more’ than our stated aspiration of having at least 5 stories for the first issue of our epub. We are rushing towards the finishing line now on this enterprise and I just want to share this happy news with all of my followers and any other casual gazers. We are hoping to build this epub into a quarterly ezine in the long term but we’re mainly just testing the waters this time. But if I might say so myself, except for one story that still needs some substantial work, I think most are pretty close

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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