Moonlake’s Lyrics (19)

If you are one of my followers, you probably can tell that I’m getting slack again. Whenever I do, I post up a set of lyrics or dig up some old pieces of random writing that I did. Sadly, I’ve run down most of my stock save for a very few.


Now, the man reason I like the following set of lyrics is probably because it goes so well with the TV drama for which it is the theme song. The protagonist is an ‘ugly’ woman: well she’s a beauty faking to be an ugly maiden and then a magician (not Gandalf magician, modern magician but story is set in ancient China) comes along and swaps her head with her childhood friend who really is ugly so she becomes ugly. It’s a love story of course as you will see from the lyrics below.


Anyway, the title of the song is “The Price of Love” and the lyrics goes as follows:

If eyes can separate right from wrong

Right at this moment                      have you seen through me clearly?

The honesty hidden in the bottom of my heart

How do I harnest it to compose a love song with you that will last a thousand year?


Judging me from my social position

A female like me              would you love her deeply?

If appearances make people fall for the wrong person

How do I make you look closer at me      so that you will see me true


Let’s Cry

I don’t know how to lie and cheat            don’t you know my goodness?

I still believe that honesty is me and my deep love still hasn’t changed


Come                    See for yourself

It’s not scary to use up a whole life

Even using up this life    no begrudging   no regrets           no hatred

This is the price of love

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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