Moonlake’s Lyrics (20)

Almost couldn’t make it today as I was rushing to finish off my solo story for issue 1 of the epub. We are rushing to the finishing line now, 90-95% there on all stories except this one I’m wrapping up today. So today’s post will have to be another lyric post.


The following song is a Cantonese pop duet sung by Anita Mui who had already passed away, I really liked her husky voice for one who often appreciates the lyrics more than the tune. The title of the song is called “The heart is still cold”. As you can tell from the title, it’s a bit of a morose song but has a somewhat positive ending. By the way, if you feel a sense of déjà vu about the lyrics, that’s because I used it as a writing prompt earlier for my Random Writing series. It goes as follows:

(F) Seen through all the cold stares          My heart is used to them and do not sigh for them

Cold laughter seemingly dissipate            suppressing the brilliance within my dreams

Love is like cold rain that intermittently comes back and forth

Making me experiencing enough of coming together and drifting apart so I frequently walk alone now


(M) Having loved and hurt also                  because depression loves to lean on me exclusively

Cold arrows pounce on me                          even though I’ve fallen down on my behinds all by myself

A love that will accompany one to old age is ultimately rare

Love often plays tricks on me                     I am passing through amidst stumbles and falls


(F&M) Still caring about you a lot              but my heart hurts

Cannot help passing off love to another in the final end

The cold night is long and deep                  dream is deeper

One is gradually used to continuing drifting along the path of love

(Tomorrow I continue to drift along the path of love)


(F&M) The star dust in the sky is like eyes that secretly weep

As if weeping for the lost youth that hasn’t returned

Now alone (I) silently sigh

Endless indifference and coldness are already left on the roads.

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