Moonlake’s Lyrics (21)

The last three weeks saw me mostly mired in all kinds of promotion activities for the epub and now it’s time to catch up with the actual writing. So while I could have blogged about something more substantial, unfortunately I have to take the slack approach of doing a lyrics post again for this week. The next week will probably be the same but we will see.


The lyrics below is for the song titled “Men and Women”, the theme song for a HK TV series about the struggles within the Emperor’s “back court” or his many wives. It goes as follows:

Half awake from dreams, I just realise it’s so cold
What is love? Merely being among moaning winds and bitter rain
Bleeding, with red eyes, no matter how many extra turns are made
Even though I will wake up from drunkenness tomorrow the hungover will not recede


*A common couple is ultimately no fun
Yet does that make shouting, crying and tussling right
Why is it that I don’t mind following into a fierce fire
Tell me, this life has been waking up and then falling drunk again
Asking Heavens how many happy men and women there are


I tremble, your mouth has a bit of warmth but is still cold
Sinking, sinking amongst the black hair besides my pillow
Knowing it’s wrong, powerless to rectify things, let love dominate this moment
Why need us worry about happiness or unhappiness, crying or laughing, meeting or parting


Repeat * 2 times

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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