Character Sketches (2)

Firstly, happy Easter, everyone!

Not sure whether my followers still remember but at one stage I said I was going to create a bi-monthly commitment to put up short pieces of random writing and one series would be character sketches based on a random matching of a feeling with a catalyst event. As it turned out, I only created three character sketches before I lost interest in the exercise. Below is the second of these character sketches based on a prompt of Feeling Safe amidst an Avalanche:

A white torrent rushed inevitably towards us, certain to subdue us under its icy embrace forever. Yet, in this moment, I felt suffused by a pleasant warmth. Like lying under a down blanket covered over by two other light blankets- an absolute heaven of feathery softness- on a winter night. It reminded me of my childhood, lying thus in his arms. I had a happy childhood- carefree, secure in my happiness through ignorance. Oh yes, life was much simpler when I knew little and cared little. There wasn’t the mad scramble back then of trying to meet up to the expectations of lots of people, of pleasing all except myself. I didn’t what happened as I grew up but one day, I suddenly woke up and found that I couldn’t recognise myself from who I was, who I always thought I was. And ever since, I’ve felt so tired. It is a tiredness in my bones and I carry it with me whenever I’m awake. I dream of changing back to myself constantly and that only made matters worse for me. It conspired to keep me awake at night and I got more tired. But now this, my end is come and I feel that I’m finally home. Yes, this is where I belong and the thought soothed me like a lullaby

Creative-life-wise, I’m taking advantage of the Easter break to get back into writing. I’m currently writing one of the six short stories I have planned for this year, a solo piece while my collaborator is working on the first draft of one of our collab pieces at the same time. Both are for the Excursions from the Citadel and I will release more details closer to the publication data of issue 2 *wink*

P.S. I’ve created my author page on Goodreads and if anyone wants to drop me a question about the Excursions from the Citadel, you are more than welcome to do so between now and May.

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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