Moonlake’s Writing Updates (2)

Okay so I’m back but only to say that I want to extend my leave to end of September. I’ve gone through a couple of false starts but I’ve started on the short story for the epub project that I talked about in the last post and have just passed the 1000 words mark. ThisContinue reading “Moonlake’s Writing Updates (2)”

Moonlake’s Writing Updates (1)

Firstly, the good news: I’m officially part of the Strolenati commercial epub group and in the process of writing my first short story for sale (all right, I wrote and abandoned a short story before but that was basically a self-amusement project)! We are just starting and there’s now less than 5 members including myselfContinue reading “Moonlake’s Writing Updates (1)”

Moonlake’s Work pile (3)

Today I’m going to talk about my novel projects which include: The Crunalan Steppes series (World of Zia- 5 books): I have named all 5 of them and was trying my hand at the first- the Return of the White Deer. It is basically historical fantasy (a sub-genre of historical fiction, basically historical fiction+fantasy asContinue reading “Moonlake’s Work pile (3)”

Moonlake’s Work pile (2)

Continuing from where I left off last time, I will be recounting more of the projects on my work pile. They are not listed in any particular order but I will separate them into two groups, one related to my writer home (the Strolen’s Citadel) and the other for novels. In this post, I’m justContinue reading “Moonlake’s Work pile (2)”

Moonlake’s Work pile (1)

Today I’m a little short of time what with doing freelancing work and other errands. Also, I’m recently a little slack in writing ever since my novel stalled although I’ve started to work on a few short writing projects again. Anyway, I know from personal experience that having my writing commitment public somehow gives meContinue reading “Moonlake’s Work pile (1)”