Random writing (5)

Same as last time, two posts for today to compensate for lack of length. After the conflicting emotion/facial expression series, I started using lyrics from Chinese songs as prompts. I would take a single passage at a time and then play the S+7 game on it, which basically replaces either all the verbs/nouns/adjectives with aContinue reading “Random writing (5)”

Random writing (4)

Another 30+ degree day over in Australia so I’m going to be slack and re-cycle previous efforts i.e. share the products of my previous writing exercises. This is the last of my series of my conflicting facial expressions with emotions. Topic: I have to cry whenever I feel angry…. I have to cry whenever IContinue reading “Random writing (4)”

Random writing (2)

Yet another of my random writing to share while writing insights are stagnating. Topic: I have to smile whenever I feel angry…. I have to smile whenever I feel angry. This way, I make them really scared of me. And I keep them docile. Yes, docile underlings are the best. They don’t think on theirContinue reading “Random writing (2)”

Random writing (1)

For a while, I’ve been trying to do daily writing exercises from some prompt but like my diary writing attempts, it died out after a while. However, because I cannot formulate a post that provides actual value to readers out of the 2 writing mistakes that I’ve lately discovered about myself for today, I’ve decidedContinue reading “Random writing (1)”