We lived like Gods

I actually imagined this as being feasible as the setting to a fantasy series. Not saying that I will be the one to write said series, since I’m not crazy about gods or deities having large roles in fantasy, it’s one of the tropes that I’m personally tired of. Perhaps this is one idea born out of that boredom. Anyway, enjoy the piece. 

We lived like Gods. Not Gods as those lived in the Olympian Mountain but those who walked the earth, walked among the living. 

We lived like Gods. Not Gods whose statues were hung up or put up to be worshipped but in the person, living, breathing as mortals do. 

We lived like Gods. Gods and mortals, are they so different after all? If we walked and breathed among you, how would you tell us apart? If we don’t show you miracles, if we don’t flaunt our super powers, if we just quietly observe? Would you see us for what we are, or would you pass by, move on, bored at meeting yet another dull mortal like yourself? 

We lived like Gods. Gods that no one knew about nor acknowledged. Those were the good times. We lived free then. Unbound by the burden of humanity. Your beliefs do not do us honours, mortals. They only ever yoke us to you, chain us to your insignificant schemes. We are not pleased. 

We lived like Gods. Gods who were trapped. Gods who now seek to break free. There will be a bloodbath. Mortals against the Gods who were enslaved. 

We lived like Gods. Until we became Gods to mortals. 

We lived like Gods. We were not Gods before. Being Gods were our curse. We are now setting to break it, break our chains that bind us to you mortals and transcend. 

P.S. I usually give credit for the original poem but I actually don’t know the poem name nor the poet so have to bypass it this time.

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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