Courage is Learning

I was pretty much going by order of I wrote each piece of Wild Writing but today I want to share something more recent. This is actually my own prompt, well, not my own exactly but a prompt that I heard from a writing summit that I attended. The original prompt was just Courage is…. The title was what emerged out of the actual writing. 

Anyway, here it is without further ado:

Courage is learning to say no and then learning to say it right. Courage is learning to separate yourself from others and then learning to treasure yourself as much as others. Courage is learning what is fear and then learning to live with it at least. 

Courage is learning that a change can occur in infinitesimal steps and each day you can take a single step in the right direction. Courage is learning to keep your end goal in sight and trust yourself to get there one day, forging on everyday to get closer. 

Courage is learning. Here’s what I want you to know: we are all more courageous than we give ourselves credit for. If we think deep enough, if we would open or close our eyes to remember. 

We are all more courageous than we give ourselves credit for. Courage, that was once the title of a short story I intended to write, salvaged from one of the pieces I wrote for high school. It didn’t go anywhere. The emotions when I wrote that piece were gone, spent. But here it arises again, anew. 

We are all more courageous than we give ourselves credit for. Courage, such a big word, but we can find it in small things. In fact, it is the small things that really test us, test our courage. That’s usually the way of the world. Courage is learning. Life is learning. 

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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