Broadening Horizon Reads- 2021

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell 

What impressed me most about this book was that it was not just a gimmick, the unusual form of the novel (or rather how the 6 short stories were presented) really cemented the theme. The other main note I had regarding this was that it was supposed to fill the science fantasy slot but after reading it, I felt like it fit the literary fiction genre much better. So the science fiction genre is still open for next year or maybe some years down the track. 

The Wych Elm by Tana French 

I was mainly intrigued about the author since I heard her name from multiple avenues. I think she is under psychological thriller although being me, I’m not good with actual sub-genres as opposed to what I label them. 

I’m not sure whether my main takeaway should be how she deals with character or plot. Then again, I’m not sure I actually want to analyse a mystery for my own writing (I mean, I sort of feel that I can more profitably analyse a fantasy if I was going to do that). I didn’t quite get the ending of this book and it leaves me thinking a little. But I can’t say that’s really a good or bad thing, I think I’m on neutral ground regarding this point. 

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