We live in flawed abundance…

The starting line is from the Way under the Way by Mark Nespo. I had doubts over sharing this but the Wild Writing practice is about honesty and generosity so I decided to go ahead and share this piece that showed me as having a mix of generous and ungenerous thoughts and as flawed as every other human being out there. 

We live in flawed abundance of love. We might not always get the one we love but somewhere out there or maybe even closer, someone is bound to already love or or about to love us. We might not always get what we are after but we get something different and as good as what we want or even better. Life is generous that way or winds up that way. Trust it but give it a little bit of time. Your turn to be generous towards it. 

We live in flawed abundance of hope. There are all kinds of hope, not just the one type. There is misplaced hope, misguided hope, illusory hope, tenuous hope, desperate hope, false hope. Quite a mixed bag of hopes out there. But as long as there is, cling on. See where it takes you and go from there. 

We live in flawed abundance of abundance. You know, the Internet age, the age of convenience. You get all types of information, even all types of things, at your fingertips, at a little button you click on the screen. That’s the rosy picture of it. Does it work so well truly? Nuh. But there you go. That’s the image of what this age is supposed to uphold. 

We live in flawed abundance of freedom. Yeah yeah. There’s democracy, individualism, you name it. But unless you are an orphan, who doesn’t have connections to others, who doesn’t deal with expectations to negotiate, responsibilities to uphold and social rules to navigate? So where is true freedom? Doesn’t exist, I tell you. Not unless you go Robinson Crusoe. But then, not him either. He’s just too busy with survival. Not true freedom either. 

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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