Why I’m here…

The jump-off line is just the title of the poem Why I’m Here by Jacqueline Berger. And the whole piece is just a response to the line. 

Because of the year 1997, when Hong Kong passed back into the hands of China. A mother decided to take her daughter away before that happened. 

Because my aunt’s family had settled here. 

Because I had sunk down my roots here. I could have chosen to go interstate: most of the jobs in my field actually called me to go interstate but I had made up my mind to stay. 

Because an introvert could still find a graduate job for an introvert despite what she believed after failing so many interviews and half-decided to do a Masters if she could not find a job. 

Because a line moved her when she attended Laurie Wagner’s session during a writing summit. We already love you. What an incredibly generous and empowering thing to say to others. 

Because I didn’t want to do housework but also because habit is comfort. I didn’t- don’t- believe in getting out of the comfort zone. 

Because I have been swept along but also because I have chosen in all the ways I have chosen. 

Because time passes either way. 

Because my core remains the same from teenagehood to approaching 40s. 

Because I inherited my core from Mum but we are still different. 

Because I’m looking for the good fits and want nothing less. 

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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