Chinese Lore- A selection of Mythical Fauna (7)

Dan Fish

Physical Description:

A fish surrounded by a red light whenever it appears.

Special Properties:

Smearing one’s feet with its blood allows one to walk on water.

Fire Mouse (aka Firelight Beast)

Physical Description:

Same as a normal mouse

Special Properties:

Humans can weave clothes out of its skin. After burning, it is possible to extract the essence from it. Such clothes are called Huo Huan Bu (Cloth of the Fire Washing)

Zou Yu

Physical Description:

A creature with a tiger’s body and a lion’s head. It has a white fur with black stripes and a long and sleek tail.

Special Properties:

It is said to be of a tender and compassionate nature and not consume meat off a carcass

Ice Silkworm

Physical Description:

A black worm approximately seven Chinese inches in length that is scaled and has a horn

Special Properties:

It will cover itself with ice and form a cocoon of five colours that is about 1 Chinese foot in length (~0.32m). A cloth woven out of these cocoons will not get wet nor be burned in fire.

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