Moonlake’s Lyrics (1)

I have quite a fetish for good song lyrics, so much so that I sometimes am taken with a song not because of the tune but purely because of the lyrics. For that matter, I actually prefer instrumentals to a song with meaningless/bad lyrics.

So I am starting a new series of posts titled Moonlake’s Lyrics.  These are lyrics I feel are inspiring, touching or just draw me with the language it uses. And today, I will be sharing the lyrics of an old Chinese song that I like, that talks about dealing with the ups and downs in life. The translation is done by me alone and while I’ve lived in Australia for a long time I can’t promise that they will have the same effect in English as in their original form but here goes:

I do not know whether there is an end to the sky,

All I know is that the time that went past will never turn back its head.

Unbeknownst to me, every inch of tears,

accompanied with each of the dreams, all slipped away.

Unconsciously passing through so many years in this circle,

I am only aware that I have gone through tides both for and against me within this circle.

I silently and stoicaly tolerate

Every one of the accompaniement of cruel gazes as well as friendly laughter.

Backs in those days I silently accept all the hardships,

not letting go despite all of the bitterness and acridness.

Today I do not care about intentional nit-picking,

just follow the wishes from within my own heart.

I do not believe that I can gain possession without first making sacrifices,

I only believe that I have gained what I desire through my own hands.

Every string of sweat in exchange for every one of my achievements

I have always seen through gaining and losing.

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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