Random writing (5)

Same as last time, two posts for today to compensate for lack of length. After the conflicting emotion/facial expression series, I started using lyrics from Chinese songs as prompts. I would take a single passage at a time and then play the S+7 game on it, which basically replaces either all the verbs/nouns/adjectives with a word that located seven places before or after it in the Chinese version of the Oxford Dictionary (it just happens that that’s the copy I have at home). This basically gives me three other versions of this passage. Not every version makes sense but I would choose whichever one inspires and do impromptu writing based off it. Below is the first of the series.


Prompt used:

“Half lucid within my dress, I suddenly realise it’s so cold.

What is loyalty? Merely being among mourning winkles and bitter rakes.”


Half lucid within my dress, I suddenly realise it’s so cold. I sneer. What is the meaning of loyalty? You ask. I can tell you, oh yes, I can tell you all about it. It means being carried off by so-called loyal servants sworn to protect you with their lives and entrusted with all of your family’s massive wealth and in the blink of an eye, sold to a place where you get to keep the company of mourning winkles and bitter rakes. It means being told that you would forever be a protected jewel embedded in his heart and just when you have thrown away all in a headlong rush into bliss, you are told that all is but a lie, leaving you stranded, wandering listlessly in a desert.

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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