The Short Story and Me (2)

As a change, this week we are skipping author interviews. It will come back next week though. Thought I will do a re-run on this since my stance on it has changed yet again now that I have broken off my association with the epub completely. Previously, I’ve talked about myself as a writer andContinue reading “The Short Story and Me (2)”

Forgiving and Closed Doors

To an event experienced yesterday and the one who sent me the email: Forget and forgive, I’m not ready for you. Fully aware of my own faults, I was nevertheless hurt. I’m applying the best cure for my wounds: Time and Distance Away.   On a more uplifting note, concurrent to the above event IContinue reading “Forgiving and Closed Doors”

What I learnt from the ePub (2)

Continued on from my post last week, here’s what I learnt about communication and collaboration from my involvement in the epub: Communication Never speak to each other under the influence of emotion. This doesn’t mean you push your own emotions aside or never speak up for yourself. Just wait till you feel you are calmContinue reading “What I learnt from the ePub (2)”

What I learnt from the ePub (1)

Even though I ultimately decided that I’m a bad match for the Excursions epub, it has been a fruitful and educational enterprise for me across multiple areas. In this post, I would like to document all of the things I’ve learnt about myself as a writer and a person and about communication and collaboration. ThisContinue reading “What I learnt from the ePub (1)”