Writer’s Achievement Diary- 18 June 2017

Mon 12/06/2017

Long weekend plus still down with cold so took a day off.

Tue 13/06/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 20

Wed 14/06/2017

Doc appointment day, took it off

Thu 15/06/2017

Resting at home to recover from sickness

Fri 16/06/2017

  1. Relocated part of a scene to later

Sat 17/06/2017

  1. Chap 20 done

Sun 18/06/2017

Took a day off, indecision over how to proceed after catching a bug in timing of events.

Week Goal: Up to Chapter 20 outlined (1 chapter).

Week Tally: 0.4 achievement on average on weekdays and 0.5 on weekends

Sum story progress: 1 chapter

Against last week: Still recovering from cold so don’t expect much progress. But did manage this week’s goal so that’s fair progress.

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 11 June 2017

Mon 5/06/2017

1. Chap 17 done

Tue 6/06/2017

1. Scene 1, chap 18

Wed 7/06/2017

1. Chap 18 done

Thu 8/06/2017

1. Expanded scene 2 of Chap 18, tagged on a little more events to fill it up so that it can stand on its own
2. Scene 1, chap 19

Fri 9/06/2017

1. Rough gist of rest of chap 19

Sat 10/06/2017

1. Refinement of scene 3, chap 19

Sun 11/06/2017

Down with cold. Took a day off.

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends. Up to Chapter 20 outlined (3.5 chapters).
Week Tally: 1.2 achievement on average on weekdays and 1 on weekends
Sum story progress: 2.5 chapters
Against last week: The cold interfered with my progress but it’s still fair, didn’t reach the assigned week goal but moved ahead compared to last week.

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 4 June 2017

Mon 29/05/2017

  1. Settled on ages for 2 main male characters
  2. Re-order a bunch of scenes between chaps 12-15
  3. Readjusted content of scenes in chap 13
  4. Idea seeds on chaps 16, scene 1 of chap 17

Tue 30/05/2017

  1. 20 grids filled for Chan Lok
  2. Vague idea for scene 1, chap 16

Wed 31/05/2017

  1. 22 grids filled for Si Ma Gun (out of goal of 20)

Thu 1/06/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 16

Fri 2/06/2017

  1. Chap 16 done

Sat 3/06/2017

  1. Sorted out the ‘ending’ of chaps 16-20 block
  2. Working out the rough gist for chap 17
  3. Scene 1, chap 17

Sun 4/06/2017

  1. Started on list of easily pronounced Chinese characters to be used for naming (sizable surname list and 2 full names, first names to be done)
  2. Joted down notes on chap 18/19 (floating scene for now)

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends. 5 Chapters outlined

Week Tally: 1.8 achievement on average on weekdays and 2.5 on weekends

Sum story progress: 1.5 chapters and fair progress on 2 main characters

Against last week: Now that I switched to the other plot-line I feel a little stuck as I needed to get back into it.

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 28 May 2017

Mon 22/05/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 46 done
  2. Scene 2, chap 46 outlined very roughly

Tue 23/05/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 47 partially outlined

Wed 24/05/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 47 changed completely
  2. Chap 47 done
  3. Scene 1, chap 48 done

Thu 25/05/2017

  1. Changed ending of scene 1, chap 48
  2. Scene 2, chap 48
  3. Scene 3, chap 48 in main gist
  4. Rounded out scene 3, Chap 48 done

Fri 26/05/2017

  1. Vague idea of a subsequent happening

Sat 27/05/2017

  1. Cleared out floating scenes that belong to book 2
  2. Scene 1, chap 49; 3. Chap 49 done

Sun 28/05/2017

  1. Scene 1, chap 50
  2. Chap 50 done

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends

Week Tally: 2.2 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends

Sum story progress: 5 chapters.

Against last week: Taking it leisurely after ‘big push’ last week but still making good progress.

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 21 May 17

Mon 15/05/2017

1. Finished off scene 2 of Chap 27
2. Figured out main gist of scene 2, chap 28
3. Made decision to relocate another side-plot section
4: Sketched out scene 2 of Chap 28 from scratch

Tue 16/05/2017

1. Decided on general shape of events for Chap 29-30 (equivalent of 4 achievements)

Wed 17/05/2017

1. Tidied up chap 29-30 in comprehensive form (equivalent of 4 achievements)

Thu 18/05/2017

1. Came up with an important flaw in Sin Sin’s character
2. Came up with rough idea of book 1 end
3. Rounded out scene 2 of chap 30
4. Fleshed out scene 1 of chap 41
5. Very rough idea on what goes into scene 2, chap 41; 6. Ironed out gist of main event in chap 42

Fri 19/05/2017

1. Relocated one scene as floating scene
2. Fleshed out new scene 2 of Chap 41 from scratch
3. Scene 1, Chap 42 done
4. Scene 2, Chap 42 done
5. Scene 1, Chap 43 done
6. Chap 43 done

Sat 20/05/2017

1. Scene 1, Chap 44 done
2. Scene 2, Chap 44 rough gist done
3. Fleshed out Scene 2, Chap 44
4. Scene 1, Chap 45
5. Chap 45 done

Sun 21/05/2017

Took a break since finished monthly goal already!

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends

Week Tally: 4.8 achievement on average on weekdays and 2.5 on weekends

Sum story progress: 8 Chapters!

Against last week: Speed really picking up this week on weekdays!

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 14 May 17

Mon 8/05/2017

1. Fleshed out the empathy scene b/w Sin Sin and Lok for potential future incorporation
2. Identified key decision points for the outline as a separate doc

Tue 9/05/2017

1. 10 grids filled for Ip

Wed 10/05/2017

1. Came up with rough idea on scene 2 of chapter 26

Thu 11/05/2017

1. Come up with rough idea on Chap 27
2. Made rough decisions on some of the floating scenes
3. Progress on scene 2 of chap 26

Fri 12/05/2017

1. Finalised scene 2 of chap 26
2. Finalised scene 1 of chap 27

Sat 13/05/2017

1. Rough outline of scene 2, Chap 27
2. Rough outline of Chap 29

Sun 14/05/2017

1. Joted down idea on round 2 outlining concerning plot relocation in early 10 chapters following received feedback
2. Plotted out scene 1 of Chap 28

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends
Week Tally: 1.8 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends
Sum story progress: bit more than 1 chap, abt 1 chap worth of rough outlines.
Against last week: weekdays almost catching up to weekends! Sum story progress also going nice.

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 7 May 17

I forgot to mention it last time but I’ve newly added an email subscription option to my blog which is located at the bottom. Finally! Thought I would point this out to my followers.

Mon 1/05/2017

  1. Made decision on how to proceed with Chap 26

Tues 2/05/2017

  1. Made decision on how to proceed out of too many plot lines and not enough chapters

Wed 3/05/2017

Did nothing for outline today.

Thu 4/05/2017

  1. Restructured scenes for chaps 26-30

Fri 5/05/2017

  1. Made chap 21-25 clearer for alpha readers
  2. Plotted out part of chap 26

Sat 6/05/2017

  1. Worked out the next plot point for chap 26

Sun 7/05/2017

  1. 26 grids filled for Sin Sin, exceeded goal of 25
  2. Completed scene 1 of Chap 26
  3. 10 grids filled for Ip (cousin)
  4. 10 grids filled for Ning Yee
  5. Came up with the seed for a potential future scene between Sin Sin and Lok

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 2 on weekends
Week Tally: 1 achievement on average on weekdays and 3 on weekends
Sum story progress: 1 scene or half a chap but fair progress on characterisation
Against last week: Woohoo for weekends!

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 30 April 17

Okay, so I’m starting yet another blog series to document my weekly progress. This time, it’s for a brand new novel series and now I’m just outlining book 1. I want to trial doing more comprehensive outlines which means that I’m considering a multi-round progress and I’m still on round 1. My intention is to put no time limits so that I don’t rush but then an unfortunate side-effect is that I end up bludging so I’ve started to create a goal of how many achievements on average to make on each day. That of course gives birth to a writer’s achievement diary where I have to mark down achievement on every single day. This idea came to right at the end of April and what you see below is pretty much the speed I was outlining at:

Mon 24/04/17

1. cleared the debt with earlier parts of the outline, can now concentrate on Chap 25
2. tidied up my idea journal and G drive creative folder
3. Made headways towards Chap 25

Tue 25/04/17

ANZAC day holiday

Wed 26/04/17

1. Restructured the alternating plotline to be every 10 chapters
2. Scene restructuring with cascading effects
3. Finished one new scene

Thu 27/04/2017

1. Plotted out rough sketch of Chap 25

Fri 28/04/2017

1. Plotted out scene 1 of Chap 25

Sat 29/04/2017

1. Expanded scene 1 of Chap 21

Sun 30/04/2017

1. Fully fleshed out scene 1 of Chap 21
2. Finished Chap 25

Week Goal: 1 achievement on average per day
Week Tally: 1.6 achievements on average on weekdays and 1.5 on weekends 
Sum story progress: 1 chapter

Progress Tracker on Thread (5)

Firstly, I’m back! And I thought I should sum this mini-blog series up before I move onto something else. The short is that I finished the first draft for this project on time or at least I said I finished on time. By this, I mean that I skipped over a chunk of the section that I was having a block on, the section that wasn’t in my plan but came about due to spontaneous writing. Nevertheless, I proclaim that the first draft is done and this project is now on the cooler.

I can’t say I have a definite timeline for actually releasing it to public eyes. But it will definitely come one day. I’m determined.

On the blog reconstruction front, I’ve now decluttered this blog by removing most of the non-writing related drop-downs. It will be a while before I put up my spin-off personal blog though.


Progress Tracker on Thread (4)

I went back to the drawing board this week to plan because it just came up that a loose end from previous chapters of Thread surfaced and I thought I should do something to tie it up. I’m not convinced that I resolved but it did give me an opportunity to further my pre-writing for later sections. I have to admit that I slacked off this week due to the grand final holiday we got for Friday which I leveraged to go shopping (mostly for my best friend) and then I didn’t really do anything on the long weekend. Plus the temptation of getting back into jigsaws, a childhood passion, proved to be too strong for me. It was to be a reward/motivation for me to keep to the schedule for novella conversion but then I told myself that there’s plenty of slack in it so the result is… ahem you get the picture.

The day to day break down is as follows:
Monday 26th September 2016: I just took today off, no sneaky start to the week.

Tuesday 27th Sept – I expanded out the 1st 2 paragraphs of scene 5, minimal work really but my planning week always involves relatively less work compared to writing, especially since I’m effectively working at draft 2 of Thread as a story (I actually wrote the ending already during the course of my involvement with the epub but feedback made me expand the story so basically the current round of writing is to fill in the gap between where the story left off from issue 2 and the original ending which I like and am not changing). In other words, it’s not really a new piece that I’m working on but rather all the character dynamics and plot arcs have been set already.

Wednesday 28th Sept – I had a major breakthrough today which was that I cleared up the clutter that I was originally going to write for the sidecast. But then I realised that it was just clutter, an artefact of the epub where I had to make what is now each chapter of Thread as a standalone even when everything is interconnected. Now that I’m converting into a novella, of course I don’t need to do that anymore but somehow my mindset hasn’t migrated fully away from the “mould of independence”. But I caught myself in time so all good.

Thursday 29th Sept – I quickly wrapped up planning for the week. Originally, I was going to forge back into writing from Friday but then the shopping trip threw me and in particular the temptation to finish the first jigsaw since my childhood (the prospect of conquering my first 1000 pieces) got too strong for me.