Evolution of Moonlake’s Writing Pile

This post is prompted by my whimsical exploration of the statistics to do with this blog. Specifically, I was looking at which of my posts had been shared and one of the top ones was Moonlake’s Work Pile (3) back in 2015.   So in that post I had talked of 4 different writing projects andContinue reading “Evolution of Moonlake’s Writing Pile”

Moonlake’s writing updates (9)

I felt like short and snappy today so let’s do this in Q&A format.  Where are you at overall?  I’ve finished draft 0.6.  What’s that- draft 0.6? It’s the second iteration of my decimal drafts, I started with draft 0.5.  What’s with the decimal drafts? It’s a thing to get rid of my perfectionism, tellingContinue reading “Moonlake’s writing updates (9)”

Moonlake’s Writing Updates (8)

I am someone who is always more cautious about sharing bad news but the truth is that I’ve been a bit lost over these 2 months for my novel. Technically I’m not that lost but I haven’t been adding word counts on a daily basis and I haven’t been doing work for the novel onContinue reading “Moonlake’s Writing Updates (8)”

Sneak Peek: My Tentative Next Series

What?! You have a next series already lined up when you haven’t officially debuted with a single book yet? I know most of you are thinking this but it is true. In fact, if I look at my commercial project list document (to be distinguished from my idea journal where anything goes although the distinctionContinue reading “Sneak Peek: My Tentative Next Series”

Moonlake’s Writing updates (6)

So I had previously alluded to the fact that I’m working on a first draft (well, I’m calling it a 0.5 draft now, that gives me much more room to be rough and not use perfectionism as an excuse for procrastination). In this post, I thought I would elaborate a bit more on it. First,Continue reading “Moonlake’s Writing updates (6)”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 23 July 2017

Mon 17/07/2017 Revised 2 major plotlines reported as problematic by pre-alphas (equivalent to 2 achievements) Determined the overall shape of revision required up to chap 30 Tue 18/07/2017 Resolved 1 loose plot-point in iteration 1 Worked through to the end of book 1 and tagged down chapters for expansion/revision after collapsing of scenes Wed 19/07/2017Continue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 23 July 2017”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 16 July 2017

Mon 10/07/2017 Real life and unexpected Internet connection loss held me up. Tue 11/07/2017 Finished Chap 32 Fleshed out Scene 1, chap 33 (previously a floating scene) 20 grids filled for Sin Sin Wed 12/07/2017 Rough gist for scene 2, chap 33 Scene 1, chap 34 Thu 13/07/2017 Scene 2, chap 33 Fri 14/07/2017 ExpandedContinue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 16 July 2017”

Writer’s Achievement Diary- 9 July 2017

Mon 3/07/2017 Took a break Tue 4/07/2017 Amended chap 25 Wed 5/07/2017 Scene 1, chap 26 Chap 26 done Thu 6/07/2017 Scene 2, chap 27 partially written Fri 7/07/2017 Train problem, took a break today Sat 8/07/2017 20 grids filled for Lee Won Sun 9/07/2017 21 grids filled for Lee Won (goal=20) 20 grids filledContinue reading “Writer’s Achievement Diary- 9 July 2017”