Moonlake’s Writing Update- October 2022

To be honest, my WIP hasn’t been going well at all. I’ve lost energy for more than a year now but I’m still inching along on it. And in September, I finally found the cause! Basically, I have a bunch of missing content that doesn’t support the book structurally. Practically, that  means I’m back to outlining some new chapters and I will go on from there. 

And funny thing I knew this problem existed a few years ago when I was doing the online novel writing course but I kind of shoved it under the carpet in order to build momentum in writing. And actually, the breakthrough in September came about because I felt like I’m in the mood to do some mechanical exercises on my WIP (Jeff VanderMeer who starred in some of the lesson videos for the online writing course once said that dong mechanical exercises really helped him and I think I was inspired by him on this occasion) and voila, I’ve self detected the main problem with the story. And writing a story is like detection or doing jigsaw puzzle as I liked to think of it. 

So that’s it. Still fighting on. 

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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