Craft and Curiousity Reads- 2022

Paradise by Toni Morrison

The original intention was for me to study the omniscient POV with the Bluest Eye and this book by the same author was not written in that same POV. But what the author has managed to do is that even though each chapter is seemingly named for a single character, it has managed to not only tell the story about that single character (in some chapters, the naming is very loosely related to the character) but encompass much more. And obviously my own stories run towards a largish cast so there are definitely things for me to learn in that way. 

The Resurrectionist by Jack O’Connell

I’m not quite sure what I’m taking out of this book and the genre noir thriller. The book isn’t especially my cup of tea. I didn’t even feel that it belonged in thriller but feel that it probably fit better under literary fiction perhaps? There isn’t any particular craft elements that I feel I need to take away from it.

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