Writing Plan for 2022

Trying to gauge progress has been hard for me because I’ve been inching along but I’m okay with that, it’s part of my progress. But I do have something I feel worthy to report: I’ve tallied it up and I’ve only got 34 chapters out of a total of 70 remaining. In other words, I’ve got over the halfway mark towards a first draft. 

My priority for 2022 is to finish a draft 0.82 which incorporates my findings from circling to the hidden protagonist in book 1 as well as an all-round cycling between my two protagonists for book 1. From experience that usually wraps up before June. Then I will distract myself with my next tentative project, the book 1 of which finally has a tentative name: Grace in Falling. I’m still wrangling with my first foray into dropping fantasy into actual history and I think it’s been hampering my attempt to get close to the story for this book because my protagonist is currently swamped under the historical events I’ve shoved into the book. So I might try to see how I can break free from the constraint of history and go back to my preferred playground in fantasy in the next round of outlining in between my WIP drafts. 

Not sure where I’m going further than that but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. 

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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