TBR for 2022

This year I’m setting a reading goal of 20 and I will also have an unofficial stretch goal of 26 for the alphabet. 

I’m actually starting the new year with Robin Hobb’s Liveship traders series and I’m waiting for book 3 of Raymond E. Feist’s Firemane Saga to come out. For Oriental fantasy, I had previously said I would read Poppy War but I think now I would be reading Across the Nightingale Floor instead just because it is in electronic form. I’ve heard of a new series by Tamora Pierce on Numair that I might or might not read. Out of her Tortall Universe, the only series I liked were Beka Cooper and Immortal. I might also pick up her Trickster series (I read book 1 before but not book 2, I remember book 1 to be okay, better than either of her female knight series, personally speaking). I also think I will pick up more Guy Gavriel Kay since I like his general style. A friend had recommended the Xanth series that I might pick up to have a look. But other than that, I’m taking fantasy recommendations in comments. 

For mystery, I’ve decided to let the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series go. I’m still undecided as to whether I want to continue pursuing the Robert Langdon series- I kinda mind the Hollywood vibe of how in each book he has romances with a different woman while pursuing a case. I might go back to Agatha Christie. I’m not much in the mood for James Patterson and Alex Cross either. On the other hand, I decided to try some of Stephen King’s mysteries. Other than that, I will keep doing the random blurb reading of mystery novels that I started at the end of last year. But again, I’m happy to take suggestions from comments. *hint hint*

My Broadening Horizon reads for this year will be:

  • Horror- it was between Stephen King’s Carrie or the Little Stranger by Sarah Waters but now I think I will read Stephen King’s Children of the Corn instead
  • Western Historical Fiction- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford by Ron Hansen

My Craft/Curiosity reads will be:

  • The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison. I have been studying the omniscient POV with Under Heaven (and then I realised it was actually 3rd person limited but with an omniscient narrator voice) and so I’m studying this novel next for omniscient. The deciding factor is that my local library has a copy in electronic form 
  • The Resurrectionist by Jack O’Connell. This is just from a random browse of what my local library stocks on ebooks. Says it is a noir fantasy thriller (I’ve read noir thriller and fantasy mystery before but noir fantasy thriller I assumed is something different) so will give it a try. 

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