I want to say I was here…

The jump-off line is from I want to say by Natalie Goldberg. I got bored half way and started recording what actually happened (the paragraph about the runny nose). But I really like the ending sections of this piece that came after that.  I want to say I was here. Here or there, it doesn’tContinue reading “I want to say I was here…”

Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 12

We landed back at the Frontier in record time. Estella parked us near the factory. Guppy was getting anxious, fearing of being nabbed by her old gang.  “As long as you stay at one of our sides the entire time you’ll be safe.”  Aurora  promised her. “Can I cut off their legs if they try?”Continue reading “Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 12”

You have permission to change…

The jump-off line is from You will be changed by Jeanette Encinias. I’ve never written a love letter to myself before but I feel like this piece is it:  You have permission to change. Go ahead. Embrace it. You know you’re ready.  You have permission to change. Take it slow. One step at a time.Continue reading “You have permission to change…”

Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 11

I found some berries and tubers that were growing aplenty in the forest. They looked edible but I wasn’t sure so I collected enough for an afternoon tea for Estella to check back abroad the Xing. Then I went deeper yet into the forest, looking for game tracks.  I found nothing. I wondered if theContinue reading “Adventures aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 11”

Adventures Aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 10

“I’m going in that direction to check out that thing.” I said before walking off. Aurora gave me a nod of acknowledgement. “Thanks for letting us know this time. If you’re not back in a couple hours we’ll come searching.” When I got close enough to see the structure for what it was, I realisedContinue reading “Adventures Aboard the Chen Xing- Chapter 10”

We lived like Gods

I actually imagined this as being feasible as the setting to a fantasy series. Not saying that I will be the one to write said series, since I’m not crazy about gods or deities having large roles in fantasy, it’s one of the tropes that I’m personally tired of. Perhaps this is one idea bornContinue reading “We lived like Gods”

Courage is Learning

I was pretty much going by order of I wrote each piece of Wild Writing but today I want to share something more recent. This is actually my own prompt, well, not my own exactly but a prompt that I heard from a writing summit that I attended. The original prompt was just Courage is….Continue reading “Courage is Learning”

Adventures Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 9

We decided to dig around our landing spot to figure out why it was bare. By we, I meant me and Estella. There might be a ruin lying underneath the clearing or something else interesting, we figured.  Estella marked off several spots on the ground using chalk, giving me a confident smile. “We should findContinue reading “Adventures Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 9”

We live in flawed abundance…

The starting line is from the Way under the Way by Mark Nespo. I had doubts over sharing this but the Wild Writing practice is about honesty and generosity so I decided to go ahead and share this piece that showed me as having a mix of generous and ungenerous thoughts and as flawed asContinue reading “We live in flawed abundance…”