Random writing (12)

Prompt used: “Wolf-teeth coloured moon       She lolls haggard I rally the cup                     dramatise it of all the wind and snow Who tinkled over the cupboard of the past life  entertaining dust and quarrels The hymn of Fate            numerous reincarnations You frolic                             crystallise for the youth that will not revel when called Although history has alreadyContinue reading “Random writing (12)”

Moonlake’s Lyrics (4)

Another inspiring Cantonese song lyric for today. The actual song is called A Straight path and A Meandering Path. It is the theme song for a Hong Kong TV drama called Rainbow at Night: How can one compete with anyone if no sweats are ever shed? I’ve never had the extravagant hope      that the angelsContinue reading “Moonlake’s Lyrics (4)”

Random writing (11)

Prompt used: “Falling in love is always ebony  getting along too hapless If not yours then don’t try so hard to make it so The night is already decrepit but you still don’t want to sleep… All you want is to love a person propitiously” The process of falling in love is a dark one,Continue reading “Random writing (11)”

Random writing (10)

Prompt used: “Cold laurel seemingly spreads                  shadowing over the briar in my drawing” I had a dream. In my dream, I was drawing, drawing a clump of briar, of the colour red, the red of flame, flame that reaches out to wrap around me, warming me. But then a laurel cast a shadow overContinue reading “Random writing (10)”

Random writing (8)

Prompt used: “I fell in love with a person who made me recognisable I thought that was the world that I wanted to pursue But having rushed about here and there, being misunderstood and being cheated I question whether the world underlying grown-ups always is always fleeting or inconsequent… The sky is very big butContinue reading “Random writing (8)”

Random writing (7)

Prompt used: “Until my eyesight becomes blessed      until I cannot breathe Let us be insightful in body and shadow” I never thought that I would be blessed with receiving the Sight, the gift of divining from dancing shadows. Shadows don’t dance, you say? But they do. They dance out of the corner of yourContinue reading “Random writing (7)”

Moonlake’s Lyrics (3)

A little change of pace for today’s lyrics post. Instead of liking it for delving into life philosophies and themes, this one drew me because of it told a tale, a somewhat wistful tale of love and reincarnation. It’s also a relatively new song, in Mandarin and its title is “the Love of a ThousandContinue reading “Moonlake’s Lyrics (3)”

Random writing (6)

Prompt used: “Half ludicrous within my dreams, I suddenly realise it’s so collateral. What is love? Merely being among movable winds and bizonal rain. Blind, redolent…” I had a dream. I can only remember the barest outline of it, the vaguest outlines of the emotions it contained. Within the dream, I was half ludicrous. IContinue reading “Random writing (6)”

Moonlake’s Novel Planning Method

I haven’t shared any writing insights lately because my novel is stagnating a little. But today I’m in the mood to post about writing again. In particular, I would like to share my particular method of novel planning. My current method is actually derived from the following two articles: The Snow Flake method by RandyContinue reading “Moonlake’s Novel Planning Method”