Most memorable Aunts/Female Mentors

Relative to the male mage/mentor figure which always often comes with a vice in the realm of smoking or being a womaniser I prefer aunts/female mentors, most of them stern but also tender (sometimes all at once but most of the time underneath). And somehow I’ve had aunt figures pop up in my own fiction twice now (one for that Genghis Khan story that’s RIPed and again now for the WIP). So in this post, I’m going to nominate my own personal favourite aunts/female mentors, not in any order as per usual:

  • Polgara or Aunt Pol (Belgariad/Mallorean by David Eddings)- she might be the first I encountered and I think her physical description does stand out, having a single streak of white hair among otherwise black(?) hair. I know she has dark hair but can’t remember whether it’s actually black. 
  • Rosethorn (the Circle Universe by Tamora Pierce)- I like her by herself but also her dynamics with Briar, the street urchin turned mage.  
  • Sephrenia (Elenium/Tamuli by David Eddings)- I remember her to be much like Aunt Pol, the same sort of sharp tongue but I guess less of a mentor than someone to be consulted. I almost forgot about her until I started writing up this post and then suddenly I couldn’t remember so many aunts as I thought there were. I did like her when I was reading the series. 

If you have your own favourite aunt/female mentor to nominate, let me know in comments.

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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