Moonlake’s Writing Updates (2)

Okay so I’m back but only to say that I want to extend my leave to end of September. I’ve gone through a couple of false starts but I’ve started on the short story for the epub project that I talked about in the last post and have just passed the 1000 words mark. This is behind what I had initially set as a goal but it’s still an overall positive development.

Now, on the blogging side, when I come back in October, I will be introducing two more category pages: Serendipity and Self Discovery and Healing. Serendipity is where I’ll be sharing all the serendipitous events that had happened and will be happening in my life. Self Discovery and Healing is pretty self-explanatory, I think. While this started as a creative writing blog, I’ve found that increasingly positive thinking, self discovery and healing have become of increasing interest and importance to me. Also, if nothing else, introducing more pages of a wider set of themes will give me more content that I could write about and in that way alleviate the dried up content problem that I had. Also, on more blog developmental news, I will eventually roll out drop-down menus so that I could fine-tune the grouping together and easy search of content on my blog. However, I must admit that because this blog started as a casual project, I have been and still am super slack in rolling out features of a common website purely because I didn’t have the patience to track down how to do all the things that I already knew how to do straight from HTML but now have to do through searching through the Help section of WordPress. Anyhow, drop-downs are next up on my to-do list. But my followers by now should have gotten used to the way that I do things by my Writer’s Whims.

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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