Moonlake’s Writing Updates (1)

Firstly, the good news: I’m officially part of the Strolenati commercial epub group and in the process of writing my first short story for sale (all right, I wrote and abandoned a short story before but that was basically a self-amusement project)! We are just starting and there’s now less than 5 members including myself and only one so far has finished his story and hey, it’s a start. Anyway, I started off with an attempt to ‘rip out’ a part from my abandoned novel. I came up with three directions that I could go (based on three different side characters in my novel and events that happened to them in the past that I had made up using the 10 by 10 character grid) in one night plus suggestions given to me by my beta reader. After some thoughts, I chose one of the three that I thought up and one night, I actually got the whole first paragraph ‘dictated’ to me by my muse. However, that proved to be a false start and I’ve gone back to the drawing board and came up with another short story based on the same world of my abandoned novel but featuring a character that I only alluded to as a legendary figure. Long story short, I’ve gotten the full outline for it done already and I’m going to go into characterisation stage and then writing stage on it soon.

This then brings me to the bad news that I’ll be announcing in this sub. I will be taking a break from blogging for a month to do the write-up for this short story. I feel a little bad that I’m abandoning the few followers who have stumbled on my blog of their own accords and decided to follow such a ‘green’ blog that is wont to fall into random rumblings a lot of the time. However, it’s really that with the break away from novel writing, I really felt that my material for blogging are drying up quick. Increasingly, I’m feeling like blogging is a chore to me that distracts from creative writing. So I’m taking this opportunity to build up more material for future blogging as well as giving myself some free space to concentrate on this epub project that have just come onto the radar.

So in conclusion, bye for now to my followers but I will be back, with more material that I could share without feeling that I have to desperately scrap them out of a cobwebbed corner or feel pressured that I have to conjure something then and there when I feel totally uninspired.

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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