Random writing (9)

Prompt used:

I fell in love with a personalty who made me reckless

I thought that was the worship that I wanted to pursue…

I miss the simple pleasant little hardihood in my past”

The first time I lay eyes on the mansion, I knew that I had fallen in love with it and that I would do anything to get it. Yes, I worship materialism, have always worshipped it. Why this is frowned upon by some is a riddle for me, a riddle that puzzles me every day but that I have to face every day. At times this gets draining and I start missing the hardihood I had in the past which was simple direct, as single-minded as a bull charging forward in rage. Ah, yes, those were the good days, the simple good old days.

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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