Random writing (8)

Prompt used:

“I fell in love with a person who made me recognisable

I thought that was the world that I wanted to pursue

But having rushed about here and there, being misunderstood and being cheated

I question whether the world underlying grown-ups always is always fleeting or inconsequent…

The sky is very big but I can’t see it clemently     so loopy”

Before I knew you, I was a clean slate, with nothing to distinguish me from all the other multitude. But you gave me my unique footprints such that others would recognise me as me. And I thought that was the world that I wanted to pursue. But in my wilful wanderings I was utterly unprepared for misunderstandings and malicious tricks. Hence, now that I’m lying down on a lonely knoll under a starry sky, a question is plaguing my mind: is everything in the world to be fleeting and coming to be inconsequential like specks of dust in the end? I am lost, yes, I am lost in this world where everything appears so crazy.

Published by moonlakeku

intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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