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Since I mentioned it in my last post, I might as well write up where I frequent as a hobby writer, a place that I think of as my virtual home. It might come as a surprise to some but it is neither a writers’ site as people think of it nor someone like Wattpad or Booksie where you can upload or read novels for free. It is called the Strolen’s Citadel (, a resource site for gamers, those who play RPGs of the dice rolling variety. Despite this, though, it functions equally well for me as a pure writer as I get to post up submissions about odd ideas that an avid fantasy reader such as me has (even before I had decided to join into the novel writing business although that had always been a vague goal that I was saving for my old age/retirement but obviously things change). So, yes, even more surprise, I was a non-gamer when I joined and in my 9th year as a Strolenati, I am still a non-gamer just recently turned into would-be gamer.

I am not a salesperson normally but it truly is a great site for writers and gamers alike. As a community, we have both great writers and great commenters. Occasionally, we tend towards the brutal honest side in commenting on each other’s work but when it comes down to it, the majority of comments are insightful, constructive and major helps to writers who want to improve their crafts. Personally, that’s what I love about the site so much. Even better, the Citadel now has a consensus to go light on newbies so if what I’ve outlined above interests you, don’t be shy to jump in. Also, I have the same alias there as I do here. So if anyone found the Citadel through me, let me know in the forums. *wink*

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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