Moonlake’s Writing Updates (3)

I’ve previously said that I’m working towards my first short story to be published as an Amazon epub and I’m still whittling away at it- it doesn’t help that I’ve gone back to FT hours as a casual and we had a big row among the writer’s group about having a theme or not for the epub which pulled in other stuff etc. So given this development, unfortunately this is going to be the second time that I ask for leave away from blogging- this time indefinitely. Does this mean that I’m exiting from blogging altogether? No, just until I had finished this short story but I’m in a bit of a Writer’s Down at the moment due to the development within the writer’s group and opportunities that have come up for my career (not writing related since I’m a hobby writer and will possibly want to remain so forever) that have introduced uncertainty that’s plaguing my mind.  As a result of all these happening, I’m really making dismal progress but I’m telling myself that any progress is progress and that I’m sticking with it to the bitter end.

So I wish the best for all my followers until next time.

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