I want to put it behind me…

This is just a line invented by Laurie Wagner who runs Wild Writing. I took it instead of any of the lines from the poem. That happens. I found out when I’m not inspired by a line, I just am not. This piece is not just about me. Laurie’s Wild Writing is more about truthContinue reading “I want to put it behind me…”

Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries (2)

I am now making my way across the family section of kidsmovies.io. My weekly routine now is such that Thursdays and Saturdays are my movie days and I’m watching people/humanoid main characters on Thursdays and animal main characters on Saturdays. I’m not really an animal person in general but a bunch of Chinese online novelsContinue reading “Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries (2)”

We are learning…

The jump-off line is from New Day’s Lyric by Amanda Gorman.  We are learning the way of it, the way to move, the way to navigate through time.  We are learning to unravel, to delve into the inner workings, to know what was once unknowable.  We are learning to dissemble, to bide our time withContinue reading We are learning…

Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 19

We landed on a farming community some distance from the Frontier, that looked large enough to have a vehicle seller. Only Jessica had been here before and she couldn’t tell us much except that it was a quiet place. We decided that made it safe enough for us to split up in two teams: me,Continue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 19”

We know this though we forget…

The jump-off line is from the poem Nothing Wants to Suffer by Danusha Lameris.  We know this though we forget. We know that abduction of children occur even in advanced developed countries. We know that there might not be a tomorrow but we feel confident that there will be one for us.  We know thisContinue reading “We know this though we forget…”

Craft and Curiousity Reads- 2022

Paradise by Toni Morrison The original intention was for me to study the omniscient POV with the Bluest Eye and this book by the same author was not written in that same POV. But what the author has managed to do is that even though each chapter is seemingly named for a single character, itContinue reading “Craft and Curiousity Reads- 2022”

Moonlake’s Writing Update- October 2022

To be honest, my WIP hasn’t been going well at all. I’ve lost energy for more than a year now but I’m still inching along on it. And in September, I finally found the cause! Basically, I have a bunch of missing content that doesn’t support the book structurally. Practically, that  means I’m back toContinue reading “Moonlake’s Writing Update- October 2022”

Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- September 2022

Before we get to the good stuff, I’ve apparently already finished 31 books this year. Woohoo! And my gaming group has finally come back together after a long hiatus and we are running a Shadowrun game so I’m reading quite a fair bit of the novels in that setting to get up to speed. FantasyContinue reading “Moonlake’s Book Discoveries- September 2022”

Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 18

When Guppy came in the gunnery deck, she looked like she had scrawled the words “I’m serious” on her forehead. And she looked like that all the way when she was helping out and did not speak one word to me. “Loosen up, kiddo, you need your concentration for the shots.” I told her. SheContinue reading “Adventure Abroad the Chen Xing- Chapter 18”