Chinese Lore- A selection of mythical fauna (10)

Red Ru

Physical Description:

A fish with a human’s face

Special Properties:

Its call is like that of Yuan Yang (a type of water bird that always appears in couples). Eating its meat can cure scabies.

Ran Yi Fish

Physical Description:

A six-legged fish with a snake’s head

Special Properties:

Eating this fish can prevent nightmares and misfortunes

Dust Shedding Rhino

Physical Description:

A sea creature that looks very much like a rhino

Special Properties:

Its horn has the dust avoiding and shedding property.

Fire Shedding Bird

Physical Description:

A swallow-like bird

Special Properties:

When the Fire Shedding Bird is put into a fire, the fire will automatically dissipate.

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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