Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries (3)

Not many movies I had watched lately made an impression on me. I guess foremost among the notables is the Pirates of the Caribbean which I never expected to like since I had such trouble with Treasure Island as a child- I never went past the initial chapter and I’ve tried twice. But I binge watched the whole 5 movies over a little over a week. The original trilogy is better than the 4th standalone where Johnny Depp actually got the leading role but I think I watched the whole franchise for him. Then again, I already liked him from Edward Scissorhand when I watched it in year 7 or 8 for English and I don’t know the actual leads in Pirates- I can literally count Hollywood actors and actresses I know by name on two hands and the other day I didn’t recognise Geroge Clooney in Tomorrowland even though he’s supposedly one of the actors I know, I thought he was the bad guy when he came out. That’s how I ‘know’ Hollywood stars. 

Next comes Into the Woods which again has Johnny Depp though he only guest starred as the Big Bad Wolf. It’s got nothing special to it at the start but I think the ending ties it together for me where I understood that the title Into the Woods is really an allegory for Into Life. 

I also watched the Under Wraps duology which gave me Night in the Museum vibes but I didn’t like them as much because I think the targeted audience is more teenagers versus family. I recently watched the animated Night in the Museum film and it wasn’t bad. I previously really liked Enchanted so I watched the sequel Disenchanted and it’s okay but not as good as the original. 

On other news but closely related to my movie thing, one of my friends (who I took this movie analysis idea from originally) and I started this alternate week movie analysis arrangement where we would both watch the same movie and then show each other our analysis of it under the 3 Act structure. We picked the original Matilda for our first trial and the second one we did was Romancing the Stone before this routine is now sadly interrupted by my recent history with indigestion. I’m in the recovery phase now as I write but different complications have been on and off for about 2 weeks. 

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