Chinese Lore- A selection of Mythical Fauna (9)

Ju Fu

Physical Description:

An ape-like creature with patterned arms.

Special Properties:

It is good at throwing at tigers and leopards.

Translation Quirks:

A more mundane alternative translation was that it is just good at throwing with striped arms like tigers and leopards. I went with the more unusual translation.

Xi Qu

Physical Description:

A cow-like creature.

Special Properties:

The sound it makes is like that of babies. It eats humans.

Translation Quirks:

Its colour is in dispute. It might be indigo, black or just some dark colour.

Chang Fu

Physical Description:

A chicken-like bird with three heads, six eyes, six feet but only three wings.

Special Properties:

Consuming its meat makes you insomniac.

Ying Shao (or Baby Spoon)

Physical Description:

A magpie-like bird that has red eyes, a red beak, a white body and a tail shaped like a spoon.

Special Properties:

It makes a sound like its name.

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