Moonlake’s Movie Discoveries (2)

I am now making my way across the family section of My weekly routine now is such that Thursdays and Saturdays are my movie days and I’m watching people/humanoid main characters on Thursdays and animal main characters on Saturdays. I’m not really an animal person in general but a bunch of Chinese online novels starring animals have kind of turned me on. Plus, I did like a few of them here and there as I’ve previously detailed. 

In the family section, there are a lot of romances, especially teen romances like High School Musical and Teen Beach, not to mention the Cinderella re-makes (there were six A Cinderella Story: xxxxs not to count the standalones). I don’t think I’m recommending any of them for a non-romance viewer which I definitely count myself as being. 

I kind of liked the Despicable Me movies because it offers something a bit different from the usual angle- the angle of a villain (although he gets reformed at the end). The same token goes for the Descendants trilogy although I think I might have preferred Despicable Me just a tiny bit to Descendants.  

I think the two movies that really stuck in my mind are A Dog’s Purpose and its sequel A Dog’s Journey. To be honest, I skimmed through the first a little but the ending was very worthwhile. The purpose that the dog found could well apply to the life of anyone or anything. And I’m personally a little fond of films with that kind of meaning to it. The sequel was a bit like the original and again the ending was worth it. 

They had recently made a movie for Monster High and it wasn’t as good as the cartoon version for me. It was okay but nothing stands out. I mean, I just saw the movie and the cartoon ones as two different things of a loosely related theme and the same set of characters. I also watched the 2022 Pinocchio just yesterday. I really cannot remember anything about the original other than the broad gist and I liked it so I can’t say anything about a comparison. For an adult me, 2022 Pinocchio was okay but I think I had grown too old to appreciate the basic story.

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