Audiobooks- new uncharted waters

I think it was late last night but someone threw up a link to scientific research on how reading physical books and listening to audiobooks activate the same region in the brain whereas reading ebooks activates a different region. That coupled with my interest in Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay which is only available in my local library in audiobooks format in terms of having an electronic copy has finally made me decide to dip my toes into previously uncharted waters as this format of book delivery is concerned. 

As you would have learnt if you had been following my blog, I did this with a mystery- Fade to Black by David Rosenfelt. The narrator for the version I listened is Fred Barman and he does a solid job of managing multiple voices. At any rate, I had already talked about this in my June Book Discoveries so won’t rehash it. 

I’ve since had a conversation with a good friend I met on the Internet and he told me audiobooks were one of his favourite things. So, this means I will probably pick up the Fionavar Tapestry this year and possibly Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb (most of the quartet is available as ebooks except for book 2 which my local library only stocks in audiobook format in terms of electronic copies) this year. 

Meanwhile, I was also trying to chart some new waters with fantasy authors but unfortunately my library does not necessarily stock everyone I’m interested in for the right works or right formats. For example, I can’t find any adult fantasy work by Neil Gaiman in an ebook format as opposed to a large collection of graphic novels or his juvenile literature. In fact, it took a whole hour over two sessions on my local library website for me to find a fantasy novel to read back in April. But then I remember that one of the friends from my gaming group recommended Xanth. I do like the basic world so I might read more from this long running series. Meanwhile, I will still keep searching for new fantasy authors that I haven’t read before. And you will know all about them in September. 

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