This is a memory worth keeping…

The line is from a poem titled Poems by Nikki Grimes. 

This is a memory worth keeping:

  1. The tug-of wars using blankets Mum and I used to play when I was a child
  2. The craft book she bought me and one of the arts was titled “Piggy Mum making rice cakes” and how I jokingly said it made me think of her because in Cantonese her first name sounds like Pig. 
  3. The karaoke I used to sing with my best friend, me to read out the lyrics right besides her in case she didn’t know how to pronounce some words. She’s got a fear of not pronouncing things properly. Once she shoved the mic right at me for a radio show we were making for History oral about Gandhi and there was this Indian name she could not pronounce. 
  4. How she used to say the sky is grey and I would have answered back the sky is blue. Once she said that and I made my reflexive reply and she said “No, look, it’s raining.” That was funny. 
  5. Not an actual memory but when I realised that I wanted to be a writer and could actually be one. A writer is just someone who writes. Knowing that was liberating. Perhaps the most liberating thing I had ever known. 
  6. My first ever memory. I was up on a rooftop or somewhere. I had steamed egg stew- not steamed eggs, eggs crashed into a bowl and you use chopsticks to whip it so that the yolks and the white will mix together. And then you steam the well-mixed egg liquid until it solidifies. 

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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