TBR for the rest of this year

Apparently I’m down to the last 4 slots of my 20 books quota but somehow I get the feeling I might do another set of extensions out. I’m now reading book 2 of a fantasy trilogy by an Australian author and the Twilight of the Gods by Scott Oden, at the same time. I’ve also got the Da Vinci Code next up after this. I’ve been alternating between fantasy and mystery for a while now. 

Beyond that, I was actually thinking of picking up Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders or Rain Wilds but there did not seem to be electronic copies for them at my local library. And now that I’m on a roll with ebooks, I actually prefer them, especially since Mum’s been extra-cautious about foreign objects brought into the home. The last paper copy I read this year until Twilight of Gods was Cloud Atlas and Mum put it out in the laundry for like a whole day and sprayed Dittol on it or something and the same treatment was given to Twilight of Gods of course. Anyway, since my assigned readings are all done this year, I figured I’ve earned the right to prioritise ebooks for the rest of this year unless there’re books that I really am dying to read. Such as The Twilight of the Gods which I ordered last year and it’s finally arrived so I was automatically put down as having reserved it. The state I’m living in- Victoria in Australia, was in lockdown which was just lifted on Tuesday the 27th of July so I got a phone call to say I had gotten an automatic extension on it until after the lockdown was lifted. And I was getting tempted by Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry trilogy, as of two days ago.

I’m not quite sure what other books I will be reading for the rest of this year (the title turns out to be misleading that way, I admit I’m coming up short concerning posts about reading and a TBR list is just my go-to topic) . I have got a 2-page book list that I’ve curated since 2 years ago or something but I’m still largely operating on whims. I’ve ticked off maybe 3 or 4 books from that list so far. So all shall be revealed at my quarterly Book Discoveries posts. Stay tuned. 

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

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