Chinese Lore- A Selection of Mythical Fauna (2)

Ri Ji

Physical Description:

A normal cow

Special Properties:

Its meat (up to 2-3 Chinese pounds in weight) will grow back fully the day after being cut off with a knife.


A species supposedly local to the area now known as the province of Gan Su

Dan Prawn

Physical Description:

A giant prawn as long as ten zhang (equivalent to 32m) and whose whiskers are as long as eight Chinese feet (equivalent to 2.56m). It is a pair of wings and its nose is like a saw.


Ma Dan (someone’s name but I have no idea who this person is) had broken off one of its whiskers to use as a walking stick. When he abandoned the stick for flying, the whisker tuned into a round pill.

Translation Quirk:

The Dan character here can refer to a round pill that is often associated with magical/supernatural/divine properties or origins. Sometimes, it also a synonym for the colour red.

Bo Yi

Physical Description:

A goat with nine tails and four ears and whose eyes grow on its back.


It is reputedly that wearing its hide or wool would make one courageous.

Guan Guan

Physical Description:

A dove-like bird.

Special Properties:

Its call sounds like humans yelling at each other. Wearing its feathers helps you tell right from wrong.

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