Moonlake’s Writing Updates- March 2022

I’ve actually finished draft 0.82 of the WIP and I’m taking a rest for it for a while as per usual. That was in fact finished in February. I might need a little structural analysis time on it in April but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. 

Currently I’m working on my next tentative project which is an entirely different trilogy. And sometime in between when I last talked about it and this post, I’ve managed to find a tentative title for book 1. It’s either going to be titled The Grace to Fall or Grace in Falling. For this project, I’ve decided to break away from the focus on historical events informed by my research and considered substituting for events that my protagonist would be more active in. I think that is a very right direction for me to but I just need to steep in this protagonist for a bit more so I’ve actually turned to free writing on her now. 

And that’s all for now. Until next time. 

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intermediate Chinese fantasy writer working on her debut series

One thought on “Moonlake’s Writing Updates- March 2022

  1. Whoa, starting a new project right after you’re done with one draft, that’s productivity indeed. Thanks for inspiring me as a writer! I guess I better get started on my own work then.


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